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Amartya Sen on Reviving Nalanda University

Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen discusses the pan-Asian initiative to revive the ancient Nalanda University and the significance and relevance for Asia. You can also read the Q&A script here Nalanda University also launched its new website with details of University vision and plans for development.

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Amartya Sen on Bihar:past, present and future

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen while delivering a lecture, “Bihar: past, present and future”, said that Bihar played a great role by unifying India during the rule of Ashoka. The state set a new trend in world democracy by organising the first “Buddhist global council” at Rajgir after Gautam Buddha’s death, initiating the process of opening […]

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Nalanda Ruins

Naveen Sharma has put some of put of some video clips of his visit toNalanda.A must watch. Subscribe to coolbihari Powered by 

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