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Conspicuous by its absence

Many many years ago, while being taught English at my school at Patna, I recall being taught the expression “conspicuous by its absence”. The expression greatly appealed to my adolescent mind – the apparent contradiction of being absent and yet conspicuous. If one thing deserves to be described as such, it is the coverage of […]

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Seeking Support for Flood Relief in Bihar

Bihar has seen one of the worst floods in recent times and we are working towards getting some medicines,funds,cloths and any other help for the flood relief work in Bihar. I am presently working with a team which is providing direct help to people who have been affected by the floods in Bihar and also […]

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Floods in Bihar – Relief is urgently needed

This year’s floods in Bihar have been unprecedented. Press reports are calling it the worst floods in the last thirty years. Districts after districts in North Bihar are under deep flood water which are not yet showing signs of receding. Crops, villages, roads and railways have got washed away. The governments: at the state and […]

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