Vintage Bihar Collection

Bihar’s glorious history is replete with innumerable instances of heroics and milestones which have left indelible marks on mankind. It’s rare to find images of Bihar’s glorious past on Internet. Vintage Bihar collection is an effort to showcase those rare glimpses of few historic moments and a peep into history.
Most of these images have been searched from archives. I am trying to create a collection with such rare images from the past, which could be used as a reference content for generations to come.This collection has few rare Bihar images from 1800-1970’s. Hopefully this should provide some perspective on Bihar’s glorious past.

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Ajit is a prominent photographer & blogger with distinct recognitions to his credit. His photographs has been published on various world photography journals. His blog HR Funda is featured amongst the Career 100 - a list of the top 100 career related blogs globally.

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  1. Vikas Kumar June 8, 2012 at 7:07 am #

    This is an amazing article, I am really glad to see the views. Most of the People in India does not know that Bihar has 1 UNESCO declared World heritage temple in Bodh Gaya and even bollywood movie does not highlight it. It is good that the author of this website takes such step to glorify our Great Past.

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