Bihar Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) Conference

Bihar is witnessing a unprecedented surge in investment sentiments, private players have shown keen interest in tapping the great potential which Bihar has to offer. Biharis around the world have also been keenly observing the growing revival of Bihar and there long cherish dream to invest in Bihar. Most of the Non Resident Biharis are challenged due to lack of support and direction on how to start ventures in Bihar. Bihar government has started Bihar Foundation chapters to encourage Biharis around the world to network and reestablish connection with Bihar. 
With so much action around, few passionate Biharis have come together to start Bihar Entrepreneur network (BEN). BEN is a team entrepreneur, executives from diverse industry background, academicians, policy makers, Bihar enthusiasts. They have come together to host the inaugural annual event “BEN Conference” in the historical city of Bodh Gaya, Bihar India, which will be the largest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs in Bihar. Bencon 2011 will have panel discussions on real estate, education, energy, healthcare, tourism and e-governance. There will be workshops on business plan basics and a business plan competition for students.
BEN conference will have impressive list of guest speakers who will be attending the meet in Bodh Gaya on May 21 and 22 to highlight the potential of the State as the destination for investments. Prominent speakers will include, among others, Mr Nitish Mishra: Minister, Rural Development Department, Government of Bihar, Mr Vijoy Prakash ,Principal Secretary, Planning & Development, Mr S M Raju , Commissioner, Tirhut, Mr Madhukar Shukla, Professor, XLRI, Mr U S Pandey , an expert in the field of renewable energy.
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  1. Bihar May 20, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

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  2. Harish May 22, 2011 at 3:47 am #

    Dear Brothers and Sisters of Bihar,

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    BIHAR, India’s poorest state, has never been an easy place to do business. But with its GDP said to be growing by a merry 11% each year, more outsiders are eager to try. A few years ago there were one or two daily flights from Delhi; now there are seven or eight, most of them pretty full. Yet not much is moving fast on the ground. Step off your plane in Patna, the state capital with over a million residents, and you are lucky to find a taxi to the city. At Patna's plushest hotel (perhaps an overstatement) renting a set of wheels proved impossible on some days this week (on another, more fortuitously, your correspondent rode around in a splendid white Ambassador car, a 1940s-style beast of a vehicle usually favoured by elderly officials).

    A few horse-drawn carts are still evident on the streets, along with throngs of bicycle rickshaws with tinkling bells, but the latter seem only to ply set routes. Auto-rickshaws (auto-tuks, the equivalent of the tuk-tuks of Thailand) honk endlessly and spew blue exhaust across the city, but it’s tricky to persuade a driver to change his route, at least if you are not fluent in Hindi. So all praise to the latest innovation to reach Patna: the metered auto-tuk. You can book from a central office, let the meter tick along quietly and explain to your driver to cut across town. Then sit back and marvel as he drives through the crowds, the exhaust and the swirling traffic and takes you directly where you want to go. A modern marvel.

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    Kudos to Nitish and all the very best for the next term. We are working with the Government to make it a project of approx 5 million USD.

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