Empowering Bihar through renewable energy

For a State growing at around 10% per annum, Bihar’s power requirement is expected to be around 8000 mega watts in the in next 5 years. Bihar has a power generation capacity of 584MW compared with a demand of around 2500MW. The deficit is made up by accessing the central pool quota of 1,200MW, of which the supply is around 700MW. As a result, frequent and prolonged power outages are common across the state.

In recent times, State has approved many power projects and also worked towards increasing the production capacity of existing plants. Bihar is to set up three new thermal power plants to generate 3,960 MW of energy. The plants, of 1,320 MW each, will be set up at Kajra in Lakhisarai, Piparpainti in Bhagalpur and Chusa in Buxar districts.Bihar continues to suffer due to Power deficiency; one of the biggest challenges lies in the area of distribution and coverage. Last mile connectivity issues, maintenance and collection are other areas which also needs special attention.

Greenpreace recently ran campaign in the state to create awareness for developing models for renewable energy and developing local self sustaining models of power generations to fuel the growth and growing need of power in rural Bihar.

Its public manifesto to make Bihar power self sufficient has the idea of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) model works on the principle of producing electricity through renewable energy near the source of use or consumption. For example, a village which receives abundant sunshine throughout the year and has surplus biomass could become self-sufficient in energy by producing power through a combination of renewable energy technologies such as solar energy and/or biomass and manage the system locally.

The model ensures democratization of the process of power production and secures access to reliable and quality energy for the community via utilization of locally available resources. Successful case studies of the DRE model titled “Empowering Bihar” showcases the success story of Rice Husk Power System & Tripolia Hospital Solar Research center.

Currently Bihar govt does support schemes for bio-gas development, SPV systems of Lanterns/Home lighting systems/street lighting systems, and wind mills. Bihar Govt policy on private sector participation for developing non conventional energy sources is available here 
Given the unique growth trajectory and need for power, it would be a great opportunity for private players to get associated with this exciting journey of empowering Bihar.

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