Women Achievers from Bihar

Women achievers from Bihar are second to none when it comes drive change initiatives. They are truly inspiring, and setting notes for others to strive for more. Be it administration, social innovation, art, media or any other alternate career stream, we are seeing a major change in their contribution towards social change.

Bandana Priyadarshi achievements are exemplary ,as the is district magistrate of Siwan, Bihar she has set her eyes for conducting a fair and fearless lok sabha elections 2009 in Bihar. Known for her intrepid and fierce doggedness, she has clearly left indelible footprints in her domain. Her no nonsense has often put her on sticky wickets but every time the officer proves a point when she raises her voices.

Earlier in 2007, Preyashi’s ire was felt by don-turned-ruling Janata Dal-United (JD-U) legislator Anant Singh. Known as Chhote Sarkar in the area, the lawmaker from Mokama found all his food grain godowns sealed by the official after the state government ordered all the godowns in the state to be shifted to market committees. She was also famous because there had not been a single violent incident during the panchayat polls in Barh and Mokama in 2006 when Preyashi was the sub divisional officer.

Preyashi has been spending hours out in the field, meeting voters, inspecting campaign vehicles herself, assessing the security at the polling booths and spreading the word that the strictest action will be taken against anyone who breaks the law on polling day.

“You have to delegate and trust. The grassroot work force has to be motivated and you have to lead by example,” says the district magistrate who has built up a credible reputation in her relatively short career.

Another Bihari girl is making her mark in the tinsel town . Archana Sharma, a model based in Bihar, is all set to debut in Tamil. The film, titled ‘Thozhi’, has her paired with Prabha, who has so far played the hero in films like ‘Pirappu’ and ‘Mittaai’.

A story preaching reverence to one’s parents, ‘Thozhi’ is being directed by Ilango Lakshmanan, who has also penned the story and the screenplay. The film is said to revolve around the lives of four youngsters, and is being produced by V Pictures.

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