Bihar wins National Award for e-governance

Bihar govt effort to improve its administrative operations and empower people was duly recognized recently. ‘Jankari’, a Bihar government project to empower people with information under RTI over telephone, has bagged the National award for e-governance.

“The award will be given to the state government’s unique project, Jankari Call Centre under Right to Information Act (RTI), on February 12 this year at the national conference on e-governance in Goa,” Bihar is the first state to start the Jankari project, a brain child of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, which enables people living in remote corners of the state to make applications under RTI through a telephone call, Subhani said.

The operators receiving the calls in call centres draft the applications under RTI and send it to the public authorities for providing requisite information to applicants.

During the two years of its existence, the call centre received 22,600 calls of which 7,070 were to submit applications under RTI, 3016 calls for filing first appeal and 1,400 calls for filing second appeals before the state information commission.

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  1. Fighter Jet February 12, 2009 at 11:31 pm #

    The “I am Bihar” superemly well written.It shd be raed by each Biari,before it is read by non Biharis,so that Biharis can gain that self confidence in themselves,which right now is miracalously missing.

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