Hope is dope

All the children who were between 1-6 years were given new set of clothes(pullover & pant). Many of these children have a lost expression ..as if things have happened too fast, one after another. These children are really sweet..they share their parents /siblings pain or happiness.

Most of them are back to their ‘ children’ mode when they are playing with other kids. Only when their parents pick them up to move on, they feel fear or rather a resigned fear for ‘fear’.
Most of the time their parent pick them up or ask them to come along ..its because they have to go to a relief center for help. Its always a long trek, hungry journey on foot & on boat to reach the relief center.

Earlier, when the flood was at its peak.. it must have been their parents who would have carried them from place to place, chasing safe places.
These are the tough little winners of life.

This old timer lost everything. Very painful to look into his eyes….they tell a sad tale..whats worse..it seems he has lost hope. Out here hope is dope. Its hope that numbs your pain and pushes you to keep on walking..despite all the pain.

A handicapped child, his fingers were joined at birth..they are more like feet in appearance. He is pretty good at everything he does.. almost at par with those who have healthy hands.

” I had the blues
’cause I had no shoes ;
Until, upon the street
I saw a kid who had no feet “

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2 Responses to Hope is dope

  1. Ajit Chouhan December 28, 2008 at 4:38 pm #

    So touching and humane!! good bless you and keep you strong

  2. Rakesh Ranjan December 29, 2008 at 9:38 am #

    Hi Chandan,

    I was waiting for the next update.. What is the situation at ground zero, can the breach be closed before the next season.. Are they working at right pace ?

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