Updates day 37-41

Dear friends,
Apologies for the delay in updates. I was traveling to relief camps in Nepal (Bhimnagar & Hamuman nagar) and India ( Trivenigunj, Katihar,Baidhnathpur & Saharsa)

We have received the following between sep24- sep-29th 2k8;

Apologies for the delay.
The following consignments have been received between Sep 25- 29
From Vivek Pandey,Bangalore
  • Torchlights 60 pc with batteries (Eveready citylight) ~60 pc
  • Cerelac Baby food ~ 58 packs
  • Paracetamol tablets ~ Calpol, 1000 tablets
Torches, Vivek,bangalore

Vivek Pandey,Bangalore

From V.R Bhalla
R.P.Jain Road
Mumbai -49

• Cerelac Baby food 240 packs ~ 110 KG~ 14 cartons

From Capegemini, Bangalore
  • Clothes 21 cartons
  • Foodgrain 1carton
  • Biscuits and sugar 1 carton

Thank you all .. it would have been very difficult to carry on without your support.

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