ASHA -The Livelihood Programme for millions


Bihar Development Trust has partnered with MAKETICK Foundation, California, USA to fight for 2.5 million dollar sponsored by American Express. This amount will be given to most deserving ideas that make a positive impact in the world.

The project name is ASHA – The Livelihood Programme for millions.It project has been categorized under economic development & microfinance subcategory within community development category. We believe that our goal to establish a platform that will facilitate to create sustainable livelihoods for these underprivileged artisans, particularly rural and women artisans and thereby, improve their economic and living conditions is the most deserving one. The artisans are organized as self help groups; provided with orders and designs to fulfill the order and given credit to purchase raw materials. The production goes through a QA cycle. The artisans will be federated at the district level and organized as Producer Company. The project is already working with the weavers of Bhagalpur, Bihar.
You have to first sign up as guest member. Then you have to log in as guest member. Then you have to click on nominate this project. Please vote and ask your friends & relatives to vote for ASHA – The Livelihood Programme for millions which will bring better income to millions of weavers/artisans household as well as give them ownership on their processes.
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