Cool Bihari: Bihari Talents shine again

Cool Bihari: Bihari Talents shine again

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  1. Arvind June 24, 2008 at 10:07 am #

    While we may without hesitation swell our bosoms with pride for the acievemennts of these bright, hard working students,however, a mere thought that millions of our young children in rural Bihar do not have access to even basic education, should have a sobering effect.Till the time we do some introspection and soul searching to find answers to the following questions these minor achievements will remain nothing but a just a sparkle in heap of ash.
    1. Why does most of our young people (with influential parents)have to beeline to institues in Delhi, Allahabad, Maharashtra, Bangalore….. etc to acquire even basic degrees in scince and arts?
    2. Why do our schools in rural Bihar lack even the basic infrastructure in terms of furniture,blackboard, school buildings….. etc?
    3. Why is our education system churning lakhs of graduates each year who are not even fit to be employed in jobs which require skills of 10 grader?

    4. Why do we still retain identity of labour class and contibute most of the manual labour within and outside the country(the trend began in pre indipendence days and its almost over 100 years now)?

    As a proud Bihari these questions intrigue me and prevent me form taking solace form these sparkles in heap of ash. Lets not forget, its a long tread before we math even smallers states which are not endowed with resourses the way we are. It would require attitudinal renaissance more than anything else.It may all sound pessimistic,but,unfotunately the truth lies somewhere there.

  2. TV July 14, 2008 at 10:39 am #


    I have to disagree with you

    Young people have to make a beeline outside because there are no institutions in Bihar. And why are no institutions – because of policy which is largely the making of Dilli darbar. Bihar was a pioneer in pvt medical education, starting in 1970. They were all nationalised during congress regime in 1975 as per policy drawn by good for nothing socialists sitting at Delhi. So were all colleges and schools run by private trusts except those run by minorities (read christians). It so happens that only these catholic run institutions could continue to give some form of quality education. Pls note, Bihar does not have a single IIT, IIM or central university – no CSIR or DRDO lab, no agriculture university – not even one educational institute constructed by the centre. Why should we blame those who go out to study?

    The labour class tag is a myth, not a reality. Origin is not 100 years but JP movement of 70s when there was a vested interest to denigrate Bihar as Bihar was leading a movement against the corrupt ways of Delhi.

    Toppers like Shitikanth break that myth. And we have to celebrate it. But your strong denial hinders it.

    Hope you see this point of view.


  3. Arvind July 15, 2008 at 9:52 am #

    Dear Tv

    I respect your right to disagree. Nevertheless, your have just vindicated my stand. Thanks.
    I think our tendency to ascribe the onus of all our miseries to outside agencies and seek refuge behind the alleged/perceived unfriendly attitude of the central Govt certainly needs to be curbed. I personally believe and am certain most of us will agree, this very thought process has had the most overwhelming deteriorating effect on the state and the general psyche of the humble masses. No wonder, our demagogues’ have repeatedly have used this idea to obscure their failures. There are numerous states which have done much better than us despite the nationalization and lack of Central Institutes (By the way we do have an Agriculture University- Rajendra Agriculture University, we were probably the first ones to possess and it was one of the best before the rot set in).And lets not forget the way we ran whatever scanty institutes we had; choked their independence, converted them into personal fiefdom and allowed them to deteriorate administratively and academically. There are many amongst us who, utilized this chaos and lack of effective governance to progress their personal gains and ulterior motives.

    Regarding the labour class tag, one has to travel to the remote corners of the nation in North and East to fathom the gravity of whatever I have written (Fortunately or un fortunately yours truly has had many such opportunities).Our people (Biharis) are working and living in deplorable condition; vulnerable without any social support and security they constantly remain terrorized and ridiculed by the locals. The origin of the tag (Labour Class) may be debatable, but don’t we enjoy the rare distinction of being the largest source of GIRMITIYA labour dispatched to Fiji, Mauritius……etc in the Raj era.

    While the intention beyond doubt is not to undermine the achievement of Shashikant, the desirable state would be that such events become a matter of routine for all of us rather than remaining exceptions. We indeed need a lot of introspection and soul searching.

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  5. Sanjay Jha March 20, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    This is for those who think Biharis only go out of their state for education or employment :-

    Most migrants are Maharashtrians in Maharashtra – TOI dtd.04.11.2009.

    In 2009, out of 51.9 Lakhs migrants, break up is as follows:-

    37.4 % from Maharashtra's rural area,
    24.3% from UP,
    9.6% from Gujarat,
    5.8% from Karnataka,
    3.9% from Rajashtan,
    3.5% from Bihar and
    3.1%. from TN

    The article was written by one Maharashtrian Chittarnjan Tembhekar and data was prepated by the UNDP with the help of BMC. Now, what will you say about continued tirade against Biharis in Maharashtra ?

    Why Biharis are being targeted on false allegation that Mumbai is beeing crowded by them ? Who is twisting these hard facts and why no any prominent figure come openly against these false propaganda ? Should not Nitish speak at least once on this topic with this data on record.

    We should send this data to Vinod Dua type people and to head of all political party. Why no one is confronting Raj Thackarey and his goons with this data which is their own ? Why Congress and BJP top brass is silent ? Why civil society in Maharashtra is silent ?

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