Bihar on fast track growth

The World Bank has some encouraging views on the development initiatives in Bihar. World Bank has decided to give 8.77 billion rupees or 225 million U.S. dollars of its development policy loan to Bihar. It’s encouraging to read the positive growth plan which the bank recently published in its report. The report highlights how Bihar’s untapped potential can be harnessed suitably to attain high growth rates.

Bihar already enjoys many natural advantages and opportunities. The River Ganges flows through its heart, bringing much needed water to its fertile farmland, especially during the long dry season. As the birthplace of the Buddha, the state has the potential to become a hub of world class tourism. Gaya already has an international airport, and Nalanda is slated to become a new university, reviving its ancient heritage as a renowned seat of learning. And, Bihar’s people, working in the public and private sectors across the country, are a valuable resource for the country as a whole.

With the stage now set for development, the World Bank has resumed support to Bihar after a gap of many years. A recent project for US$63 million, aptly called ‘Jeevika’, aims to light the spark of empowerment to help rural women start productive new livelihoods. The project will cover 4000 villages in Bihar’s poorest districts. Improving economic opportunities for poor and disadvantaged communities is particularly important in a state like Bihar where more than two thirds of agricultural families have little or no land whatsoever.

As the report rightly says that “Bihar’s journey on the road to development will play a major role in shaping the India of tomorrow.

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