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It’s interesting to observe the piquant dichotomy which Bihar presents to the world. On one hand a media report observed how the lack of proper transportation facility in rural Bihar makes life difficult for people and so they end up circumventing the system to beat the travel blues.
On the other hand Railways have recently introduced a new high-tech system through which passengers can procure their reserved-journey tickets from ATM counters. Patna Junction is likely to have this facility soon, said Danapur DRM B D Garg. According to Garg, the railways have introduced this system with an aim to provide more facilities to passengers as well as to reduce rush of passengers at the main computerised reservation counters. Patna Junction has been allotted eight ATM counters of which three have already started functioning for purposes other than the reserved-journey tickets.

Despite the progress which the railways have made, chances are that the rest of country is more likely to recall the first incident in which folks in rural Bihar stop the train for boarding by waving Rs 20 note. But will someone represent Bihar for the good things and changes are taking place on ground.

Recent anti corruption drive against the govt officials have helped in changing the impression of the executive functionaries in the state. Over 200 officials have been caught red-handed while accepting bribe during the drive which began in August 2006, Additional Director General (Vigilance) Neelmani said.

Based on this we can say that two officials are being trapped almost every week for taking illegal gratifications for bestowing undue favour,” he said. Informing that the bureau had registered around 165 such cases since August 2006, he said, “The catching of five officials, including a block development officer, in the two weeks of this year proves beyond doubt that the vigilance has further intensified its drive.”

These efforts needs to be lauded as the system is back on track to deliver the goods, the drive against the menace of corruption has restored the faith of common man in the administration and it has set great example for others to follow as well.

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