Bihar surges ahead

Bihar’s economic growth has picked up tempo and this is evident if one considers the rise in tax collection in the state. This clearly demonstrate that new economic activities and investment in the state has increased as the corporate tax collections figures from Bihar has totted up the highest growth in the first half at 265%.

The collections from Patna, which shows collections from both Bihar and Jharkhand, grew from Rs 123 crore in April-September 2006 to Rs 451 crore in April-September 2007.

Analysts say a better political system and efficient administration could be finally attracting investments in the state, particularly in construction sector. In fact, individuals too seem to be reaping the benefits of changing economic scenario. An indication of this is the rise in tax deducted at source collections. Patna witnessed a growth of 43.09% in personal income tax collections at Rs 559 crore.

World bank report indicates that the initiatives which have taken place over the year has finally started to show some positive returns. The Bank prepared a report titled Bihar: Towards a Development Strategy in June 2005 which formed the basis of the development partnership between the Bank and the state government.
The report also helped the Bank get a comprehensive analysis of the development challenges and opportunities facing Bihar. Since then, the Bank has been engaged in helping the state build its capacity in a range of sectors, from public expenditure management to flood forecasting to reforming the public distribution system.
“While Bihar has a lot of catching up to do, there are signs of hope. If the current momentum for progress can be sustained, the state can hope to bring prosperity to its people. The road to development will now need the combined efforts of the state and the central government, the private sector, civil society, Bihar’s migrant population, as well as the international community,” says Ms. Isabel Guerrero, the World Bank Country Director for India.
In another developement the largest idol of Lord Vishnu in North India has been spotted at Samas village in Sheikhpura district.

The idol is made of black granite and measures 7.5 feet in length and 3.5 feet in width. It belongs to the Gupta period and was recovered during the excavation of an old village tank in 1992. Its four arms carry a “sankh (conch)”, a “chakra (discus)”, a “gada (club)” and a “padma (lotus)”.

The idol has been installed in a makeshift temple on a sprawling 15-bigha campus of the tank. Samas village is located five km from Barbigha subdivision town and 25 km from Biharsharif. This village appears to be a great centre of iconography because a large number of idols have been recovered from here and its neighbouring regions in the recent years.

There are two figures — one masculine and another feminine — below the left and right arms of the idol. An idol of Goddess Laxmi was also recovered during the excavation but it was stolen about 40 years back.

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