Bihar Goes Glam way..

India today’s previous edition has a story on the talent pool of Bihar in the field of Glamour and Entertainment.The article is titled “Bihar goes glam”.

Patna Express

As youngsters from Bihar make their mark in the hitherto untouched world of glitz, the state Government is trying to match their global aspirations with better infrastructure.

In the recent past we have seen how Bihari talent is making its mark in the field of fashion,media and entertainment.Unlike the past we are now seeing more and more youngsters from Bihar are open to alternate career and willing to break the typical mindset of naukri and stability of Job.They are confident,passionate and have the talent to make it big at the global level.

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One Response to Bihar Goes Glam way..

  1. girl next door May 1, 2008 at 1:04 pm #

    three cheers to bihar!
    you sure are doing a good job of lifting the spirits of a lot of biharis..

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