Another Cool Bihari:Manish Tiwary

Another Bihari lad has made his directorial debut on the celluloid screen. Manish Tiwary who hails from Muzzafarpur directed the Prakash Jha production movie Dil Dosti etc.The movie may not have done great business on box office but this lad has certainly made his mark.

Manish talk about his Bihari background and his journey so far.

Tell us about yourself.

My parents are doctors in Muzaffarpur (Bihar). I studied at Delhi University but completed my PhD from Cambridge University in 2001. From there, I went to Yale University. I have also worked with the UN in Rome. While I was studying and working, I made a couple of documentary films (for the university and the UN). I just couldn’t help but direct. This is how I express myself. I was even a part of a film society in Cambridge. I returned to Delhi and wrote a script that resulted in Dil Dosti Etc.

Why did you come to India to make films since you were already doing documentaries? Why didn’t you make a feature film there itself?

I am a hardcore Bihari at heart. Plus, my stories are Indian, and not Italian or English. My audience lies here. If I make a film, I would rather make it in my own country.

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