Typical Elite Delhi Kid’s view on Bihar

We often hear of many Indias within India. It is mainly used to differentiate between the rich India and the poor India. Sometimes, we also hear of the divide of the Vindhyas – the north and the south. That a chasm exists within North India itself is seldom visible to an outsider. But exist it does. Actually, it exists to a level that its ferocity would take anyone off guard.I

In this blog, the kid wishes to exhibit his sense of humour. And what does he do? He repudiates Bihar as nobody’s business. It should come to nobody as a surprise if it is fouund that he has probably never set his foot in Bihar. He must have met a few labourers from Bihar, for Delhi cant move without the contribution of the hard working Bihari. He would probably have met a few Biharis who are toppers at DU / JNU / IIT or wherever this kid has studied from. But then in the society of these elites, Bihar has to perform a function, namely, to satisfy their sense of superiority by perpetually being worse than his society, and believe me, a place can only be worse than hell if it has to be worse than their society.So those toppers or for that matter any other Bihari who exhibits any agreeable trait does not register as a Bihari. Abominably, these chaps do not even hesistate to say on the face of a Bihari that he does not seem to be a Bihari if they wish to honour him. And they mean it as a compliment, not sarcasm!!!What does one say of this culture? What is the future going to hold for a Bihari kid in days to come if such arrogance is tolerated anymore?Indeed there is an all round lowering of standards, specially in Delhi of today. But Biharis have to survive, actually not just survive but flourish and thrive. So whatever be the depth to which the standard sinks, one will have to look after one’s own interest in this big bad world.Has the time come for we Biharis to develop our own militant sub nationalism which gives these chaps back as hard as it gets?

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  1. Santosh September 30, 2007 at 2:44 pm #

    The befiting answers to non Biharis,will be not by any militant nationalistic Bihari culture.The befetiing reply will be a devloped bihar itself.Truth do not require anysupport.It is there for all to see.As long as that is missing,nothing going change.At best ,the the idea of miltant nationalist Bihari attitude will smell of regionalism.The same derrisive foul attitude with wich others are suffering from.In todays India,thats the only thing we Bihari are missing,and for better only.

  2. Raja February 13, 2008 at 6:08 am #

    Biharis ought to start leaving delhi. They just dont get it that they aren’t welcome here. Never were, and never will be. They are hated down south, Maharasthtra and every where else they carry their stink with them. I just wish we had a gutsy leader as Raj Thackery in Delhi to send this sum back!

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