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It’s a nostalgic delight for every bihari to go down memory lanes and rediscover the old world which we have left behind in our villages, small towns and our roots in bihar, when we get to hear or read “Apna Bihari Boli”.Somewhere it strikes a very raw emotional chords in our hearts as these words takes us back to those small lanes, simple hassle free life when our days where simple and we were growing up to understand the ways of the world.

Our very own Mukhiya jee has recently started his Daalaan blog which has its own unique charm and flavour.It’s a treat to go through these posts as these good old lines haves a balmy effect on our mind and one just gets lost in old days when our Grannies and chachies would utter them and we never realized that we will miss them so much one day when they are not around.Here’s what you can expect when you visit Mukhiya jee’s Daalaan.

कोठिया अमीरिया देखी देखी
भर गयील जियरा हमार
कि हमारा गांव ही मे रहे के विचार बा

नन्ही बूटी रहनी ता
बकरी चरईनी
नहर मे गमछी से
मछरी मुअईनी

हमारा निमन लागे
टुटही मडईया
कि बगले मे पकवा ईनार बा
कि हमारा गांव ही मे रहे के विचार बा
कि हमारा गांव ही मे रहे के विचार बा

Also I would like to thank Ravish who is another cool bihari journalist and star hindi blogger in the blogsphere.I think he is doing a great job of reviving Hindi journalism and his style of writing is really special.Our man from Motihari is indeed a special blogger and I sincerely thank him for his hilarious and hard hitting blog, which is frank, candid and his stories touches us in some or other ways.

बरसाती की छत से जुड़े कई मकानों की एक खिड़की जब भी खुलती थी लड़की झांकती नज़र आती। एनसीईआरटी की प्राचीन भारत की किताब में मगध साम्राज्य के पतन के कारणों को पढ़ते पढ़ते वह कई बार मोहब्बत की कल्पनाओं में गिरने लगता। जब भी वो लड़की आती, मगध साम्राज्य का अहं टूट जाता। बिना उसके देखे या देख लिये जाने की उम्मीद में वह पिघलता हुआ सा एक लड़का था। बिहारी। यह नाम नहीं। मगर इस नाम के बिना दीपक नाम का कोई मतलब भी नहीं। बरसाती में रहने वाला बिहारी।

We are lucky to have them here in the blogsphere and re-discover our roots through their writings.

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