Keep it Up Guys !!

This is what a true Bihari stands for character,conviction and diligence.We have the energy,passion and merit to be at the top and these young lads have just proved it that when it comes to cracking the toughest exams our lads are simply the best.Keep the pride alive and continue to make Bihar your mother state proud.

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  1. aravind pandey June 2, 2007 at 8:36 pm #

    dear friend, we have to dedicate somethingunique to our BIHAR and have to get rid of hallucinations.example-some coaching institutes, for their benefit hyperpropagate their acheivments about IIT students.we should know that total number of successful students who prepared and studied in bihar, is not very high as is being propagated.
    we have to work in a planned way to build a powerfull,prosperous and then Proud Bihar.
    aravind pandey, the founder, Bihar Bhakti aandolan International.please visit my site —

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