Global Bihar Meet

The three day Global Bihar meet concluded yesterday and the state was in news for all the right reasons. One of the key factors which contribute towards the growth and development of a state or a nation is the quality of natural and human resource it has. Bihar always had the plenty of it but unfortunately due to continued lapses others have benefited more out of our resources. So when the Non resident Biharis meet together to discuss the issues of the state even President showed keen interest in presenting his vision for the state.

President APJ Abdul Kalam on Friday desired that Bihar should once again become the best-administered state as it had once been and suggested that the political system, irrespective of its party affiliation, should work for the development of the state.

Addressing the “Global Meet for a Resurgent Bihar” after inaugurating it here on Friday, the President said, “India needs a developed Bihar.” He complimented the Nitish Kumar government for taking some initiatives in the light of his 10-point Bihar Mission unveiled during his address at the joint session of the state legislature in March last.

Lord Meghnad Desai said on Saturday that Bihar had reached a crucial stage for its turnaround. He appealed to the people to extend “critical support” to the government and hoped, “Bihar does.”

He said, “When people ask me if Bihar is on way to resurgence, I say, I hope it is. But it will be possible only when civil society gets enough strength and citizens get enough courage to go to schools and ask why there is no teacher.” The professor of economics at London School of Economics said Bihar was “never a stranger to globalisation” as reflected through its massive indigo cultivation. But the state has not learnt to respect its people and potentials over the years. “Why is there a talented person from Bihar in every part of the world?” asked the economist, saying the state has to be responsible and just not only claim to be “benevolent”.“Treat your people well or they will run away,” cautioned Lord Desai, describing globalisation as “just another phase of capitalism”.

On the valedictory session of the three-day “Global Meet for a Resurgent Bihar” and Nitish was trying to stress his government’s commitment to improving, among others, the education system of the state.

“The state will best ensure that children who loiter in the streets are taken to school. But even after our efforts, some children fail to attend school. We will ask police to pick up these children and put them in a school. They will be the best people to do this task and the process will remove the fear of uniform from everyone’s mind,” the chief minister announced to instant ovation.

Nitish’s message to Bihar natives settled outside was direct. “Bolna achhi cheez hain, kuchh kar ke dikhaiye (it is good to talk, but set an example by doing something),” he said, adding that his government has successfully removed fear from people’s minds.

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