Vision for Growth In Bihar

For the first time, the state government has come out with an approach paper to the 11th Five Year Plan of Bihar. Projecting an investment of 16,6,593 crore, the paper talks of the what the government intends to do by way of policies and target for attaining inclusive growth, besides visualising growth rate of 8.5%.

While releasing the approach paper, chief minister Nitish Kumar said even the approach paper prepared by the Planning Commission and circulated among the states talks of inclusive growth. But the reference of inclusive growth will at best remain a beautiful slogan if the concerns of a backward state like Bihar were not addressed. The five year plan should also focus on programmes, which will ameliorate the lot of people deprived from the benefits of development, he added.

Emphasising the need of according special status to Bihar, Mr Kumar said this is an old demand and the Centre must consider it sympathetically. “I raised several such issues in the National Development Council meeting held in New Delhi. Bihar being a landlocked state, a dedicated port becomes necessary. After the division of the state, Bihar should also be entitled to the natural resources of Jharkhand. Otherwise, the slogan of inclusive growth will lose its meaning,” Mr Kumar said adding that the interlinking of rivers in Bihar will be one of the projects of the plan.

The 123-page document titled as ‘Vision for Accelerated Inclusive Growth’ was released here on Monday by CM Nitish Kumar after it was approved by the cabinet. It visualises a growth rate of 8.5 per cent of GDP compared to an average of 5.6 per cent growth in 2001-02 to 2004-05.

An 8.5 per cent GDP growth would entail a proposed public outlay of Rs 58,310 crore with private outlays at Rs 1,08,283 crore, indicating a total Plan outlay of Rs 1,66,593 crore.

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