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Just chanced upon this new blog on Bihar and Biharis titled “Bihari Buddhi” and it was indeed a nice experience to go through the blog content. The flat world is really making its impact felt in different ways and power of internet and google are few such examples.

So news content which was the bastion and sacred domain for privileged few has now become accessible at key strokes, a reader can be a source of information too. There were times when we has little option but to read whatever the print media dished out in the morning newspaper and Doordarshan telecasted.

The new age of information means greater but sometimes irrelevant content, focus of creating sensation rather than an informed mass. I’m sure mediums like blogs have already democratized the sources of news content and has also made the traditional mediums like Television and print to package news and information for a new generation of which keeps itself informed through the virtual medium.Blogs from news channels and print mediums are few such examples. Blog like Chanakya’s media watchdog have also made people review and appreciate the other side of the story.

It will be interesting to analyze how blogs actually impact public perception about a piece of information and also if at all the individual opinion of the blogger is perceived as neutral and bias free. One good thing about blogs is that in allows a reader to give an instant feedback to writers. So let a thousand bloggers on Bihar share their thoughts and views on different happenings from Bihar and also investigate and bring new content which will surely put mass (biased) media to shame.

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  1. soni August 13, 2007 at 6:24 am #

    indeed, but there i8s a downside to it as well.
    in personal relationships we are very unfair to the weak, esp. women. Even in the affluent classes we take undue advantage of them, exploit their vulnerability, cheat them out of their rights, and back-stab them. This is Bihar. I am a Bihari girl, and I hate Bihari social, moral and personal values with a passion.

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