Private Investments in Bihar

Recent reports suggest that Bihar Govt. has approved private projects worth Rs 11,000 crore over the last few months.

“The new government in Bihar is committed to industrialisation and economic development and the state cabinet as well as the state investment board have approved private projects entailing investments of Rs 11,000 crore,” State Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi told here.

Modi, who was here for a Planning Commission conference on infrastructure development, said the state government was taking urgent steps to make environment conducive for private companies.

“We are working on a variety of enabling factors like infrastructure development, concessions to industries and bringing down the crime rate,” he said. The state government is investing as much as Rs 3,000 crore on roads and is also spending on improving the dismal power situation.

“At the moment Bihar is generating just 30 MW of power. We have now given Rs 650 crore to NTPC to revive Barauni and Kanti thermal power plants, which would give an additional 600 MWs. Power generation from these plants will in fact start by March-April next year,” he said.

Asked about the investments that have flowed in the state, he said these were industries around sugarcane and maize. “It is mainly sugarcane-based industries that have come now. We, however, also have 3-4 cement plants as well as multiplexes that have brought in money,” Modi said.

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