Dasharath Manjhi recommended for Padma Awards

In one of my earlier post titled “Heroes of our times” I had mentioned about the real life inspiring effort of Dasharath Manjhi whose claim to fame has been the herculean task of single-handedly carving a 360-ft long, 25-ft high and 30-ft wide road by cutting a mountain for 22 years.

His feat is, in fact, awesome, his posthumous love for his wife perhaps surpassing the legendary love story of Salim-Anarkali: For, Manjhi took upon himself the task of breaking open a mountain pass only after his beloved wife passed away. Reason? He could not take his ailing wife to the nearest hospital — six hours away in route skirting the mountain block — in time.

Where the mountain failed him in saving his wife, Manjhi attacked it with primitive tools like chisel and hammer to split open a 360-feet-long, 30-feet-wide and 25-feet-high passage which now enabled villagers to reach the far-away hospital in just under an hour! Manjhi’s mountain pass has reduced the distance between Atri and Wazirganj subdivisions of Gaya district from 50 km to 10 km.

When this mountain-tamer from Gaya’s Gauhluar village arrived at CM Nitish Kumar’s popular “Janata Ke Durbar Mein Mukhya Mantri”programme on July 24, seeking possession of the land promised by the erstwhile RJD government for his daunting feat, Nitish got up and offered him the CM’s chair. Now, the Nitish government has recommended Manjhi’s name, along with four others, for the prestigious Padma award in social service sector.

Really goes on to prove one thing that human sprit and valor needs no other reason but a purpose and determination to achieve the impossible. Imagine the fortitude of this brave soul who dared to turn seemingly impossible task for an individual to the purpose of his existence. His act of determination needs to be recognized and spoken about at all level.

Why can’t our social scientist , OB guru’s and management researchers study this extra ordinary achievement of a common man. Will IIMs invite him to give a talk on human courage and determination? Why can’t some one write a book titled “what they don’t teach you at any B-school”.

I guess I’m taking my imagination too far but I’ll rather enjoy meeting Dasharath and understanding him than listening to any management guru’s funda. Nothing teaches you as much as life ….and who better than Dashrath to teach this lesson of life …

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