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The Patna Rice Initiative by our team has resulted in some positive new coverage by media. Hindu has covered the story in brief detail and it tries to unravel the mysteries of Patna Rice as TVS had mentioned in his post earlier.

What connects Carolina in the U.S., Scotland and Bihar? The answer is not easy. The connection is Patna; more precisely it is the Patna rice. Many may be familiar with the long grain and aromatic Basmati rice. Equally long and mildly aromatic the rice grown in the fertile Gangetic plains of Bihar and specifically around Patna is known as the Patna rice.

Some claim that this strain is one of the oldest rice varieties grown on the earth. According to Buddhist legends, Fa Hein’s travel writings and records of Abul Faizal there is mention about this special rice. It is believed that this rice was taken to the U.S. in the 17th century and grown in Carolina.

Till date the Carolina rice is one of the most popular varieties in that country. In Scotland, there is a small village named Patna. William Fullerton, who made large sums of money selling Patna rice, established this town in the 19th century. He thankfully remembered his productive stay in India by naming the newfound village Patna.

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