IIM’s:The New Battle field of Bihar Heavyweights

I guess no other has the dubious distinction of getting as much media coverage as Bihar despite some obvious bad press given to Bihar by most of the media houses.

But it seems times are changing and nothing can prevent the “Wow Bihar” brigade from making its mark now.So after Laloo G we finally have the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar are in news for their visits to India,s best B school, Indian Institute of Management of Ahmedabad. IIM-Ahmedabad, one of Asia’s best B-schools, has now sent an invitation to Kumar to address participants of a three-day programme — Participants of Confluence 2006 — to be held in November.

Not just IIM-A students, over 1,000 international students of 20 top business schools from Europe, the US and Far East will listen to the lectures. The IIM-A has formed a panel of industrialists to advise and design the confluence, an annual event organised by the institute. IIM-A director Bakul Dholakia said, ‘‘Yes, we have invited Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the confluence. He will be delivering a lecture during the confluence.’’Laloo recently confirmed that he will be delivering a lecture on September 18. Now, it’s time for Kumar to lecture wannabe managers. Dholakia had written to the CM and requested him to deliver a lecture on November 26.

Just makes me wonder about the leadership ability and managerial talent of these Politicians. As much as we try and ignore and blame them for all our ills we can’t ignore the fact that they face a very dynamic and challenging task of managing the social, cultural socio-economic diversities. So after fighting the odds in the elections in Bihar Nitish has finally decided to challenge Lalu in IIM’s too.

To begin with it was railways as Nitish was also the Railways minister in the Central Cabinet. Some also believe the Nitish is the man who actually laid the foundation of Railway’s revival and Lalu seems to have marketed it well and walked away with the laurels.

Noting surprising since Lalu has been reported as one of the best Marketing wizard in India by a respectable Business Magazine in its latest edition. Now the battle field will be IIM’s and let’s see who walks away with the lauresl this time…

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