Madubani Painting

A five-day solo exhibition of paintings by artist Sachindra Nath Jha on Lord Krishna opens at Alliance Francaise in Delhi on August 10. Titled “Raas-Lila”, the series of paintings depicts the blissful divine interaction of Lord Krishna with the Gopis.

Sachindra Nath’s subjects with the characteristic Madhubani detailed features come forcefully alive with colour. Showcasing a composite range of emotions, from the joy of union to the painful pangs of separation, the paintings reflect spirituality in art.

The exhibition is not just about the legendary story of Krishna but is also about the exploration and understanding of ourselves and our surroundings through the medium of Krishna, who embodies human aspiration to the divine.

Born in 1975 at Madhubani in Bihar, Sachindra Nath studied painting at the College of Arts and Craft in Patna University. While growing up in the colourful city of Madhubani, the artist developed a fascination for paintings. No wonder, he uses vibrant colours like green, blue, violet and red in his paintings of Indian mythological figures.

Hosted by Nitanjali Art Gallery, the exhibition is a testimony to the strength of bhakti (devotion). In his earlier exhibition “Charnamrit” in New Delhi, Sachindra Nath had captured the alluring charm of the holy town of Benaras. The paintings — acrylics on canvas — encapsulated his unending fascination for Benaras that had inspired him to portray deeply complex yet beautiful collection of images.

His passion for colours started as a child when he used to watch his mother draw colourful “rangolis”. A number of prestigious awards, including the Lalit Kala Akademi’s National Research Grant Scholarship Award, have been conferred on Sachindra Nath. He also has to his credit a number of solo and group shows in India and abroad.

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