Plans to develop greater Patna seem to be taking some shape .

As per Patna Daily “The Delhi-based Infrastructure Professional Enterprise (IPE) has submitted its Rs. 695 crore plan to turn the dream of having a Greater Patna into a reality. The ambitious plan drawn on the pattern of Greater Delhi is expected to take five years to complete covering the areas between Fatuha and Maner on the east-west end and Hajipur-Sonepur on the northern end.

While the central government will foot the fifty percent of the Rs. 695 crore plan, the state government will pony up 20%, or Rs. 149.3 crore and the remainder Rs. 198.3 crore will be realized from the Patna Municipal Corporation, sources in Patna said on Saturday.The plan includes a 4-6 lane 60 kilometer Ring Road covering Fatuha, Deedarganj, Ashok Rajpath, Danapur, Khagaul completing the oval shape near New Bypass Road.
Several areas including Khagaul, Sabajpura, Badalpur, Saidpura, and Pataliputra Housing Colony that are currently not within the jurisdiction of town limit will become part of the Greater Patna. Covering an area of 234 Square Kilometers, the plan seeks to include over 200 villagers currently in Danapur, outer Patna, Maner, Fatuha, Phulwarisharif, Sonepur, and Hajipur.

According to the report, the plan for Greater Patna includes improvement in sewerage and sanitation at the cost of Rs. 184 crore; road network and transportation (Rs. 106 crore), Water Supply (Rs. 111.5 crore); slums and low-income housing (Rs. 111 crore); urban governance (Rs. 102 crore); drainage maintenance (RS. 28 crore); solid waste management (Rs. 26 crore); city environment (Rs. 17 crore); and Heritage and Conservation (Rs. 8 crore) thus bringing the grand total to Rs. 695 crore.

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    Dear Friend ,

    Its not PATNA DAILY News but HINDUSTAN DAINIK news which were tranlated by PATNA DAILY team . Earlier , Patna Daily use to cut copy paste but now a days they are picking news from HINDUSTAN DAINIK and translating it on PATNA DAILY .

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