Mera Boring Road

My City of Existence,
Streets of my Youth ,
22 yrs of my existence ,
and thousand memories of those good old days….
Those day’s of innocence and charm,
Those day’s of Golgappa’s and Hot Sam’s(samosa from Jaalpan)
Thums-Up ka Bottle aur endless debate on streets…
Anand Stores ka stairs aur Children’s Park ka maidan…
That’s where I belong to ,that’s where my soul lies…
Mera Boring Road ….. :-)

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  1. chandan July 4, 2006 at 6:14 pm #

    Well said brother !
    Despite and inspite of common metro perception, who else can understand the warmth and glory of Patna ..other than those who have been touched by its loving care and frolicked in her warm motherly lap.


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