Artist of Bihar origin headed for Basel Fair

Subodh Gupta ,who has redefined installation art practice with the Indianesque idiom and is virtually India’s finest ambassador of installation and pop art, has been given international recognition by world famous curators like Rosa Martin of the Venice Biennale.
‘At Basel there will be paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs and editions as well as video and digital art by over 2,000 artists. The full spectrum of modern and contemporary art will be represented: from the great masters of modern art to the latest generation of artists. I am part of ‘Art Unlimited’ which looks at monumental installations,’ Gupta told IANS.
The Basel Art Fair opens June 14 at Messeplatz and will feature about 300 leading art galleries from 30 countries on all continents.
In his sculptures and installations, he traverses the distance from his rural origins in Bihar to the world beyond by using forms and products of everyday India out of their rural utilitarian context.
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