The Journey so far

As a group owner (with shared responsibilities) I often question myself am I turning out to be another keystroke happy pseudo intellectual?

Am I really contributing something to the welfare of the group?

What is the relevance of the group in terms of making a significant change?

Is it like just another Bihari group on the web?

When I started Cool Bihari group/ blog I had only one determination that I should be able to make a difference in the way people perceive Bihar. I am of the firm opinion that technology as a social communicative medium will help us in reaching out to people and soliciting views opinions and contributions for making a better BIHAR.

However the idea was not to make it a geriatric society : I wanted all of us to have fun and have a COOL attitude/pride in being a Bihari ….Generations of Bihar folks have over the country/world carry a guilt/shame and are not happy about connecting back to there roots.

Bihari folks as individuals have excelled all over but as a collective society we’ve failed with a common sense of identity, pride, culture and social relevance.

After almost 11 months of the group being in existence I would think that I’ve been able to achieve a lot in what I’d set out to achieve …When I started out world wide web had no BLOG DEDICTED TO BIHAR.I still recall the early days when people used to send 10-12 mails everyday asking how long do you think the good news from Bihar will keep coming.

People from all over the world love to know more about Bihar, the culture, tradition and the people.

On a personal note I think it’s being like an extended family to me, I personally share a very close relationship with each member on the group .I know most of them personally but even if they have joined the group through net we’ve always shared an intense bond.

My biggest joy ever since I’ve joined the group is to discover so many of us share a common dream and love for our state. I agree that being a virtual group we have limitations but I guess now that we are living in Thomas Friedman’s “flat world “it’s not a handicap but rather an advantage as we are finding it out with our Patna Rice initiative.

Yes we are today working as a pressure group and I think the way we took up Ragav’s Radio, Patna Rice, and portrayal of Bihar in media as a serious task I’m sure we’ll come up with better results.

But some of the other positives I look at is the way in which new pride is being associated of being a Bihari…Let’s not expect too much too soon it’ll be a long drawn process which will require lots of efforts and brainstorming before we can finally make some ground level changes but I’m sure and highly optimistic about the future of the group and our State.

Without taking names I would say that each one of you have given immense contribution in brining the group together. Some of you may not be replying to each and every post but I know for sure that a smile must be appearing on your faces while reading the posts on the group. I think those particular moments when we’ll smile and get an essence and feel of being a Bihari is the group’s biggest achievement.

I can go on and on but I hope I’ve conveyed the message, let’s just stay connected and keep pushing ourselves despite our daily commitments.

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