Bihar Diary

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday held a one to one meeting with NASSCOM President Kiran Karnik and discussed the scope of development of the Information Technology (IT) sector in the state.Nitish gave an assurance to Karnik that the state government would provide the basic infrastructure required for the development of IT in Bihar.
He however, said this was the preliminary stage of the talks and officials from the state government and NASSCOM will sit and discuss the matter further in details.”We will provide all the basic infrastructure required for this. They should select the place first where they want to work, and then we will develop that place according to their needs. They were talking about the international university Nalanda, they will get what whatever facilities are required there,”
said Nitish.

For a change politicians in Bihar have not called for a rally but have joined hands to fight HIV/AIDS and are set to launch an awareness drive, as the disease poses an increasing threat to millions across the state. Alarmed by the rising numbers of HIV/AIDS cases in the state, politicians, cutting across party line, have decided to join in the campaign.

Another news, UNICEF assisted by the Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC) has decided to launch a massive campaign to make over four lakh girls literate in one month. UNICEF sources told that the BEPC together with UNICEF would launch a massive campaign next month to teach both out-of-school girls and academically weak girls studying in schools. “The campaign will use the accelerated learning strategy developed by Pratham, an NGO”, sources said.

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