Patna Trivia

Some interesting links were shared by Vivek and T V Sinha on Cool Bihari group this week.Vivek sent this Wikipedia link in which has an interesting info on another Patna in Scotland .

Patna, population 2298, is a village in East Ayrshire.
It was established in 1802 by William Fullarton, to provide housing for workers on the coal-fields of his estate. Fullarton’s father had worked as an employee of the British East India Company, and the town takes its name from the city of Patna in India.
Patna lies south east of Ayr on the A713 to Castle Douglas just north of Dalmellington between the villages of Polnessan and Waterside at the junction with the road to Kirkmichael and the River Doon flows through the village.
TV Sinha shared that in US also they have a city called Patna in- Virginia state.He further went on to elaborate aboute the the fact that
“Incidentally, both the UK and the US Patna’s have a rice connection.Patna is known for its rice in the west – patna rice is recognized farmore than Dehradoon or basmati. These towns were setup by European rice traders who after making their fortune by dealing in Patna ricereturned home.Is is a very sad commentary on our thinking and lack ofentrepreneurship that we have not been able to exploit this greatgeographic indicator.
If you wish to know more, read here

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    you have a wonderful blog here…and am immensely impressed by ur effort to put up a blog in such detail to spread awareness of ur land…and also calling it ur duty.keep up the effort…All the very best!

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