Politics decides Economics

It an interesting but rather piquant move “impressed by Baba Ramdev’s capability to inculcate a spirit of zeal and zest in people’s lives, the Bihar government has decided to appoint Baba Ramdev as the brand ambassador of the state.”

Well my first reaction to this news was somewhat bland and placid. But on a critical note I think it’s one of those moves which is cosmetic in nature and lacks serious planning. It’s time the new govt. realizes that moves like this does nothing more than creating a good news item.

To give you some insight do the pressure groups or for that matter even opposition use any statistical tools from Program Analysis and work out on a simple metrics for evaluating various sectors of economy which are critical indicators. I guess these ideas a little far fetched because of the reliability of data and I’m sure no body wants to adopt data metrics for the simple reason that it’s too embarrassing and requires very thoughtful consideration.

However we have our PM and President who have a very distinguished academic career and perhaps they have the best record of project accomplishment capability .We have read about the success story of CEO and some nation heads like Lee Kuan and New York Ex-city Mayor Rudolf Giuliani It would be interesting to note that the Ex Andhra Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu adopted some highly effective IT tools for project monitoring and implementation which saw phenomenal change in the compliance percentages in the state.

But I guess it would be naïve on our part to expect these radical changes because of the myriad complications of a democratically elected govt. in our caste-ridden, mafia dominated political state. After all here “it’s politics which decides economics”.

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