Patna University in News

Our Good old Patna University, Centre for Environment and Nature Conservation has been selected as one of the 11 nodal training institutes in India under the human resources development programme by German Technical Cooperation. Only two centres, including IIT, Kharagpur, have been selected in the eastern region.

This centre is located in the zoology department of PU; the centre has been doing a commendable work in the field of environmental conservation.

Edusat network: NAAC-accredited Patna Women’s College, which has already been accorded with the status of “College with potential for excellence” by UGC, added yet another feather to its cap by commissioning a satellite interactive terminal (SIT) on its campus.

More updates about the development activities at Patna University here.

Efforts to Develop Art and Craft in Bihar:

“The vision for development of Bihar’s art and craft with suitable infrastructure may soon be a reality with minister for art, culture and sports Janardan Prasad Segriwal planning to honour the artistes and giving them opportunities to extend their horizon. The govt will initiate “Kalagram” in the state to provide artists of all hues the facilities to develop their art and grow. The “Kalagram” is to be modelled on the lines of Kalagrams in some other states and this would have the potential to attract tourists.

More on this here

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