Dhartee Hila Diya

The hype on Bhojpuri Movies has taken the world by storm, even BBC has an article on this.
Bollywood is having to take a backseat as the hitherto little-known regional Bhojpuri film industry steals the show in India.The industry, catering to 200m people who speak the Bhojpuri language – a dialect of Hindi – and live in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, is raking in cash like never before

The Blog world is full of posts on Bhojpuri Movies.I guess good or bad is not important to us,the fact that after Laloo yadav ,Manoj tiwari seems to be in the news everywhere.Check out Rashmi’s blog here and Bhojpuri Bithua’s here

Infact I always carry few CD’s of Bhojpuri songs where ever I go.One of my favourite dream is to form a Bhojpuri Rock Band,even Bhojpuri Trance or Blues will do.Well Guddu rangeela “humka hoi chahee” “Ek chumaaa” are few no. which we all have relished because of the desi pucca bihari Lette like flavour.Well I thought after laloo the media would find it really tough to find something as hot , spicy and spontaneous as Laloo but seems that Bhojpuri Movies have kept the buzz going.

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  1. Pradeep Yadav January 28, 2008 at 2:09 pm #

    well me to want to open a band of Bhojpuri so we can think about it myname is pradeep yadav cell number 9833532244 email id mumbai.dj2gmail.com

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