Classic case of Juggar(INNOVATION)

Here’s another typical JUGGAR example which typifies the Indian or rather Bihari Buddhi(mind).A guy called Raghav from Muzzafarpur set his FM radio station with an investment of only 50 Rs. It started with the repair of radio sets, from where Raghav picked up the tricks and since then, Raghav FM Mansoorpur 1, as his FM station is called is a household name.
Raghav has no license to run a FM station and thus, technically this station is illegal, but who cares? Raghav is a happy man. “CD nikala to dekhe ki agal bagal main catch kaar raha hai. Cordless mike dekhe, issi ko soch kaar apna banaye. Isme 50 rupiya laga hai. 3-4 part laga hai, Rs 50 rupaiya kharcha hai”, explains Raghav.
“Welcome to Radio Raghav FM Mansoorpur 1, one stop entertainment solution for all. Tune in not only for your favourite filmi numbers, but also for information, which we think is crucial for you. Over to the anchor,” says a voice on the radio.
The buck then passes on to the anchor of the Raghav radio FM station, Sambhu. “Namaskaar, main apka dost Sambhu. Aap sun rahe hain, FM Mansoorpur 1. Aap logo ko suchana dena chahate hai, aids chune se nahi failta, saiyam aur surakcha, aids se rakcha,”he says.
Man that’s innovation for you.

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