True Bihari Funda

Recently I came across this hillarious stuff which talks about the our aan,baan aur shaan in a typical Bihari eshtyle.I am sure we all enjoy this part of our Bihariness.The world today is going ga ga over attitude but I guess attitude is something every Bihari is born with.
Remember for anything he does ,or even if he does nothing he has a answer “HA TA KA HUA“.I guess we are like this only and let’s try and retain that uncouth hillarious part of Bihari which they call as ATTITUDE.This write up below is metaphorical but really worth reading.
I don’t exactly remember who said to me “Ek Bihari sab pe bhari“, on the day when i qualified through the prestigious JEE entrance examination.But since then I had many sleepless nights just to figure out whether the “bhari(heavy)” word was meant to be taken as it means literally or it meant what i suppose it means. Hailing from the not so hindi speaking state Bihar, where people are also very good at bad english,i pondered whether we Biharis are really that smart(as we suppose we are).
We speak a non recognised version of hindi(Bihari) which is actually a mixture of the localmaithili,magahi, bhojpuri,etc,etc(which shows how well we mix with other cultures).How can one forget statements like “Are falanwa ke betwa chilanwa ki beti ke saath raati ke saat baje peepalwa ke ped ke neeche baithal rahe”,
Or “kapar me bhadi darad ho raha hai”, Or “aap ka samajhte hain ki hamko hindiye
nahi ata hai”, Or…(dont get me into this).Our Engliss is phine too. We can talk in Engliss,we can walk in Engliss and still laugh in Bihari.This is an intro from a very bright(top 100) JEE qualifier,”I am Basesar Prasad phrom Bihad,I am a studentt oph the department oph the Compootur Scince, My hobbbies arde ddrinking wated, playing kirket, nagdaj and suped commanddo dhdruva comics”.
I don’t know whether this unique linguistic behaviour can be taken as a parameter for our smartness(However people from all over India have made fun of it all over India).We have no city left(after partition of Jharkhand) to boast about,except Patna, and for which we can only boast about the exponentially increasing crime rate.My friends have a clear picture of Patna(my hometown), where I dodge about a 1000 bullets daily(as Neo did in Matrix) to reach home safely in single piece and occasionally without being mugged(with the feeling of being “the one” daily!!!).
Our police department is the best.Usually the cops come in late at the crime scene and try to figure out what happened,who did it,why etc etc.But here in Bihar our cops know it all, before it happens and take note of it not to be anywhere near the place,just in case people are suspicious, and sometimes its the cops themselves(no suspicions!!).And last but not the least we Biharis never lose in a conversation,whether we know or don’t know the topic.Moreover we have developed this “Thethrology“(in bad english we can say obstinatology).
So to cut short let me quote a couplet from a great friend of mine,”Maut ayegi to kya main mar jaunga?Maut ayegi to kya main mar jaunga?Hum to Bihari hoon ped pe chadh jaunga”.

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2 Responses to True Bihari Funda

  1. Sundari January 22, 2006 at 10:30 am #

    hi Ajit,

    This is really a cool blogsite of urs … with a very girlie pink background…

    I have very good friends who are actually biharis … so i actually feel bad if somebody says anything bad abt Bihar..

    will read thru ur blog & will comment for sure…

  2. alok April 28, 2008 at 5:15 am #

    Mayank i really like your comment and i say thanks to you for be like a great bihari i like your comments

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