Newsmaker from Bihar

NDTV is conducting a SMS poll on the Indian of year award, and I was really surprised to find Nitish Kumar as one of the nominees in the list. Man, I don’t remember anything he has done so credulous to earn the Indian of the Year award. Although he is appreciated as a good Railways minister, but that was in the last govt.

He has been branded the “comeback kid” as he was able to dethrone the almighty laloo and co.I guess that in itself a good enough reason to give him the nominations. And who knows he may just have the last laugh in the end.

Its amazing how people outside the state interpret this election result, for them it appears as if the people of the state have made first ever sensible decision. I guess all this makes Nitish task all the more difficult, already reports say that the crime graph has shoot up ever since the new govt. has come to office. Kidnappings have increased and recently some political murders also happened.

But one thing is for sure that the road ahead is going to be a full of jumpy rides and we can only pray that things do change on ground also. So folks next time when you visit Bihar please don’t expect any see change, you’ll only end up disappointing yourself as it’s a going to be a long journey ahead. Till date we’ve only made psychological progress but the real action is yet to come.

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