Hero and Zero No.1

Hey Folks, the Buzz of Bihar election still making news all over.I’d posted about the online poll on the Hero No.1 AND ZERO nO.1 of Bihar.Just came across the Poll results and no prizes for guessing who the winner is.K.J Rao has got the highest no of votes for the Hero position.And guess who the No.1 Zero is ………well its laloo again.
“Rao was declared Bihar’s hero of the year by the people for making history in conducting peaceful, violence free and trouble free elections in state, first time,” said Ajay Kumar, CEO, bihartimes.com.
Elections in Bihar are usually associated with large-scale violence and rigging. But it was to Rao’s credit that volence-free polls were conducted in the last state assembly polls.In the assembly polls in February, 20 people lost lives; in 2000, 48 people were killed and 150 people were injured.But this time, 17 people were killed and 60 injured.
Only in November, Nitish Kumar won the electoralbattle in Bihar by a huge mandate that ousted Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav (Rashtriya Janata Dal) from power after ruling for 15 long years. But he was not chosen hero of the year by the people.
It was Rao, who scored 62% of the popular vote and the runner up was Nitish Kumar who scored only 29%.
Altogether 1,155 people participated in this exercise (online survey).
CoolBihari folks the no. of people participated in the poll is very high and a fair indicator of the online presence of Bihari Junta.
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