Bill Gates on a Bihar Trip ??????

It’s not a joke at all……I mean even I was shocked when I heard it ,but it appears that due to the high mortality rates due to Kala Azar he has been impressed upon by former Union Minister for Health C P Thakur to visit the state, and make some commitments to serve the cause of poor.

Here’s what the report said,”The Microsoft chief, in Delhi as part of a four-day India visit, has promised former Union health minister C P Thakur that he would like to visit Bihar and study the threat of kala-azar.

In a three-hour meeting with Thakur on Tuesday, Bill Gates, who is helping India with funding to improve neonatal health, increased access to immunisation and HIV/AIDS control, said his team from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would soon visit Bihar before making a commitment. “

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