Time for Action

Hey Team,I am back after a long break to my fav. group.Hope you guys had a wonderful festive time.God I missed Patna Like Hell…..
Well this whole month of Oct. and Nov. till date I have been moving from 1 place 2 another.
Here’s a summary guys “Patna 2 delhi 2 bangalore 2 Mysore back 2 bangalore 2 chennai Back 2 bangalore and now finally back 2 mysore.
Well the journeys have been eventful to say the least.I more I travel the more I long for Bihar and feel sorry for the unfortunate citizens of the state who suffer for no crime of their own.
I missed keying my thoughts like hell and the events happening on the group really makes me feel happy to know that despite the gloom their is a glimer of hope.Let carry the torch ahead and try and make things better.Once I settle down i plan to draw some action plan for the group.
Well lets capture some of the events which happened in last few weeks on the group.
First I would like to welcome our new member Pankaj.Here’s what he had to say in his maiden message.
“This is a nice way to get in touch with those bihari guys who want to share their experiences.
Hey first let me introduce myself to all of you.
I am Pankaj Singh ,did my mba from welingkar, mumbai and right now Managing Director of my own company in Patna.
My aim is to make bihar a industrial state, a develop state. and this is 1 of the reason that I came back to patna. I know this is a tough task but anyone who is tough and dedicated can take this initiatives and i know this initiatives may motivate others.
Neeraj replied”Hi Pankaj:
Its a real good thought.Bihar has to develop.It’s great that DESPITE BEING AN MBA, you came back to patna.I have the same kind of dream and for once, I feel that I am not irrational in thinking that.
By the way whats your busiess and where is your office.Possibly we can meet when I come to Patna in December.May be I can benefit from yours real life experience about doing business in Bihar and have my resolve strengthened.
Neeraj Kumar
Batch of 2006.
I guess Rajat’s comment on his blog has invited some real good views.
Well I agree with Rajat that things have gone worst in some areas.We have discussed several times reasons for this and I guess the debate is unending.I have a final take on this
Guys don’t loose hope look at Pankaj’s views and Neeraj’s views I guess we need just a single saviour .Just be an optimist things can only change for better.
In my next posting I hope to address the matter in detail till then stay COOL Guys.
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