Controversy refuses to die down

Even after two years of his death Satendra’s dubey brutal murder refuses to shun controversy.Today’s TOI has a report on the input which Dubey has given on the ongoing NHAI projects.Here’s a brief of the TOI report.

In his confidential letter addressed to the then PM, Dubey narrated in detail the ongoing corruption and the modus operandi of the scamsters. Dubey also pointed out the shortcomings of the road designs and questioned the credentials of the consultants engaged by the construction companies.

He wanted corrective steps to be taken. One of the most shocking disclosures made by Dubey pertained to the alleged fraud and manipulation in the laboratory where the quality of materials is tested and compared with project specifications.In one of his official reports, Dubey narrated in detail how a sample sent for testing was changed inside the laboratory to cover up the misdeeds of the project executors.

According to Dubey’s complaint, NHAI officials showed hurry in the payment of mobilisation advance to the contractors, which, in some cases went upto Rs 40 crore and the contractors misuse the advances and the indulgent officials look the other way.

Taking a cue from Dubey, some activists made a written complaint a few weeks back to the chairman of the National Highway Authority of India, alleging sub-standard materials were being used in road construction and technical specifications are being violated with impunity.

To read the complete report click here.

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