The Agony Remains

Once again Bihar seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. It is very disturbing and shocking to note the way media has been perpetuating the common perception of Bihar as a State of hooligans. Over the last few months since the conduction of last assembly polls, we are seeing unabated media attention being given to the spate of kidnappings and political circus going on in the state. The common man impressions of Bihar is a State where things seldom go right and its only when things go wrong Bihar comes in limelight.

Perhaps we will continue to be viewed as people who lack real talent and merit and resort to unethical and unlawful means for realizing ends. If you remember correctly in the last elections the then Prime Minister raised a question on kidnapping of a school Boy Kishlay in a public meeting. In fact then it appeared as if people will finally take the courage to root out the evils of corruption, nepotism and criminalization which has become the bane for the society, but unfortunately people continue to be cowed down by inertia and the results are for everyone to judge.

Perhaps the continued spate of criminal activities is an indicator of the fact that the democratic values of people’s representation has given way to Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Kidnappings continue at alarming rate, criminalization and caste politics continue to plague electoral process and the worst is that we are a society bereft of any ideology .I guess when survival is a question then ideal of ideology seems truly utopian dream.

Let’s just hope that things take a better turn and we have something good to tell the world collectively as a society and not just individual sparks of brilliance.

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  1. Mandrake October 14, 2005 at 6:42 pm #

    hi ajit, i know its rather sad to know, honestly i dont think things are much different in haryana/up or delhi for that matter, its just that the people at reposible positions cant help not saying something silly in public. But i am glad you take a notice of all this and also bother to pen down your feelings btw! i added ur link to my blog!! thanks for linking back!! have a nice day!!

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