Really Special

Hi Friends,

As a special salute to this wonderful group I have uploaded one of my all time favourite song in a new mixed version for all my CoolBihari mates.I request all of you to download the song and enjoy the wonderful memories of the days gone by.This song really makes me nostalgic about my school,college,friends and especially the innocent and growing up days of my life.I hope you’ll enjoy this….
A Special song click here to download

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  1. Angelzfear October 30, 2005 at 5:04 am #

    Hi thr,
    saw ur comment rather late on my blog and came here.nice blog …wud certainly keep visiting.

    Btw u living in Patna at this moment too?? Just asking because dunno if really there is any co. located in Patna which has a ful-fledged HR department in Patna unless u r in Govt. sector.

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