The will to change

I got few comments from Mr. Sandy Sinha on my previous post.
Here’s my views on his comments
The very fact that you are concerned about the state of affairs in Bihar is one such positive step in changing the perception about the state, which will lead to structural ,social and economic changes.
As you said that you were impressed by the changes taking place and new infrastructure coming up,but my real concern is that people who have the intellectual and economic capability to resurrect Bihar are happy being bystanders and are not really willing to put their feet on the ground when it comes to real actions.
Secondly the state of affairs is bad cause it follow simple rule of Economics called Gresham’s Law”Bad money drives the good money out of market”.Similarly today things are turning bad because ;
  • You don’t have real will and character in the citizenery.
  • You don’t have role models from your state.
  • You don’t have any inspirational stories to quote from real life in Bihar.
  • You don’t have political and social leaderships in any walk of life.
  • You have institutionalised corruption from top to bottom.
  • You have political patronage for criminals.Or rather you have dreaded criminals as Politicians.

Now I can go on to quote many such reasons but you must also remember the brighter side of things.

We have trained manpower,ample opportunity for developing green field projects,abundance of natural resources,good soil productivity,cheap labour and conscious middle class.But the only thing which can converts these potential into reality is real action which we must try and initiate on our own individually and also collectively.
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