The Right Time

Development of Bihar needs instant and continuous action on a personal level. An action which does not wait for a category of`The Right Time’ to arrive, and which is not dependent on Government machinery, or for that matter, some sort of help from anybody else.
Believe me nobody can help us. We are the only ones who can help us. Bihar’s progress needs concrete action plans which involve and benefit both the rural and the urban inhabitants at the same point in time.
An environment where the citified co-relate with the village residents and vice-versa will go a long way in the improvement of the state. Working at the grassroots level, and at the same time not failing to remember the latest technologies of our fields, and arming and ornamenting our cities with the same is the key to speedy success. We will definitely succeed if we are determined and are united.
But, success at a faster speed than the normal, can only be achieved by the implementation of a strategy which reflects active involvement of both the villages and the cities at the same time, in every single project; be it related to agriculture, education, information technology, animal husbandry, biotechnology, manufacturing, building & road construction, hospitality, tourism, health & medical services, or for that matter any progressive movement.
I am not opining that our motherland is asking her able daughters & sons to just execute `Samaj-Sewa’ for her development. I am a total believer of the fact that one can actually contribute and bring about some potential change if one is technologically aware, socially united, financially sound, and heartily willing to do so.
So I considerately initiate, showing concern for the rights and feelings of others; and would cordially suggest and request that all those who in reality are willing to build up our adored state should unite right now to do some economic activity and generate employment and enterprises in different zones of the state.
This is the `The Right Time’, this is `The Right Group’ of people and this is the `The Right Platform’ to do something for Bihar.
If we set up a business enterprise in Bihar itself, and do not go out looking for trade and services, this will heavily generate employment and would improve the economic condition in the territory.
I do acknowledge that at the same time concerns like lack of infrastructure, bribery, inefficient bureaucratic and administrative procedures, unwanted political involvement and domination, crime, are only a few of the numerous things which do boggle us before even thinking in the direction of setting up some business in the state.
But we do have to unite, sit together, talk and reach a decision as how to actually fulfill our impassioned vision. So let’s do it right away, right now. At least come together and discuss & debate about working in that long-awaited direction. I believe we can be exemplary.

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