The Growth Engine

After discussing the importance of industries in the state of Bihar it’s time we identify the potential areas for growth.We all agree that the sole factor which can accelerate the wheels of growth engine is the role of Industries .We have seen that States like Jharkhand ,Orissa ,Madhya Pradesh have registered positive growth simply by following the model of developing new industries and adopting new technology.

In the past we have seen certain industries being set up in various parts of the state.Although most of these industries were agro based but none of them have been able to carry the role of flag bearer in heralding a new age of prosperity and progress.Probably part of the agony lies in the fact that they were established with the socialist notion of serving the vote bank rather than efficiency and profitability.

Now the question is can we afford to modernise these industries or should we focus on bringing in new industries and technologies,which will lead the new age of industries.

I feel that IT,Agro-based industries, Health Tourism, infrastructure Development Activities are some of the initiatives which must be taken for the change to happen.

In my next post I’ll be talking about the initiatives we need to take for rural development.

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